Friday, February 22, 2013

On photography

On photography:

·         Photography is about a feeling, an emotion: the chance of capturing in the flight of a moment the realization of one’s own being.

·         Every image is about being: acceptance, rejection, becoming.

·         Questions arise, answers belated, moments placed under observation for the perusal of being.

·         The perilous beauty of the gaze defines the vicarious moment of the viewer’s being.

·         The frame refrains from being through the spatiotemporal objectification of being. It re/frames [the] truth [of a moment] through the spurious parameters of objective subjectivity.

·         Images deposit layers of verisimilitude upon the naked truth of being.

·         Lines and curves trace the spatiotemporal transience of being.

·         In absence of light, form takes place.

·         Beauty transcends reality: it defines the space of time through its immediacy to Being.

·         Temptation derives it power through the intertwined desires of Being and Non-Being.

·         Shadows fall on the sensuous trappings of Being.

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