Friday, February 22, 2013

On photographing the nude

On photographing the nude.

I think it [the nude] is about having the temerity to live: to seize the moment before us, that is what I look for when I take nude photos. In the process of capturing the moment one looks to reveal a sense of questioning, an engagement of one with the primal essence of the self, and affirm the fierce determination of Being. It forces you to confront your fears, your presumptions, and view the flesh for what it is: the embodiment of Being. It is about confronting the preconception of mores and attitudes toward Being, of questioning the fundamental trivialities of a society that imprison the mind and soul in its petty confabulations of the body, and, eventually, having the will to risk conformity and throw care to the wind in the face of living: of expressing and being expressed as Being, true, without limits, without regrets… to dare to be and face one’s own being. 

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