Friday, March 1, 2013


(à tout à l'heure)
Au revoir mes «amis» fb

Time to say goodbye.
To say goodbye to all.
To all my fb “friends”,
“Friends” – for want no more.

To thee I say,
Fare thee well
As well as could be.
For what it’s worth
(Tis not much ado)
Waste not thy lot
Upon this tarnished knell.
For I knew thee, naught,
(Not for want)
So very well.

In good faith
Tis time to say:
Good Riddance…
So long…
Faren well…
I bid to you,
To all I say:
à tout à l'heure.

So I leave you all.
For I might as well.
A mere blip…
One less nuisance…
From which to despair.

Begone!- ye olde sod,
And a splendid farewell,
As well.
And to all,
My dears,
A fond adieu,
A skip...
A jump...
And, pray be told,
With a wave,

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